Top Possible Reasons Why PH Teachers Are Stressed-Out

Having a “small” amount of income is just one of the many reasons why taking part the everyday role of being a teacher is never just an easy task. Not only do teachers have to deal with economic-related problems but as well as carry over the problems that are encountered by the students brought by their different yet equally valuable stories back-home and the pressure from the community as to which has shaped the behavior and the thinking of these kids.

These stressor agents of the teachers to be stated below are identified not for us to see how ‘miserable and cruel’ teaching life can be. Instead, each one is identified here for the sole purpose of strengthening the character of every teacher by first, giving them an objective list on what basically serve as their weakness and what makes their life a bit harder than it should be.

Expecting that whatever can be found below will be utilized through a proactive manner, here is the list that answers your biggest why at-the-moment:

No Proper Funding In Classroom Essentials

No matter how passionate a teacher can be, when essential sets of equipment are missing in the scene- the aspired effectiveness could never be achieved.

This irresponsible financing of the school’s administration especially in the public schools is one of the living culprits why teachers tend to always scratch their head. For frustration is sure to be on the surface when such irony exists in between the expectation of the curriculum and your love for teaching in comparison to the actual budget that is actually allotted for such essential yet mostly unattended concerns.

Rising Individualism In Between Students

Being a teacher, one which we would most probably they would aspire to witness in at least in a regular manner within their every week is how each student chooses teamwork and empathy more than just fulfilling their own individual concerns.

That is because a teacher knows that one of the best means that a learner can be developed is through learning the skills of both socialization and group effort- what a sore an eye is it to witness then how kids nowadays don’t tend to portray such acknowledgment to the stated fact.

Dealing With The ‘Chaotic’ Nature Of Diversity

Since each of the students are grown in distinct and incomparable environmental situations, they are then developed into students with a wide diversity of behavior- which often is one of the greatest challenges that a teacher has to deal with all throughout his or her lifetime of teaching… dealing with people with different personalities who aren’t that much responsible for how they act up, yet.

Preparation Under Time-Constraint Intervals

After a certain lesson had been carried out together with all its presentation schemes and assessments, tomorrow then is, of course, another day for a new lesson- doing the same long line of tasks all over again.

The catch is, teachers, got to finish them within a very limited period of time- more often than not, they’ve got the whole night.

Degrading View From The Public

Teaching is a noble profession, indeed. But to say it is viewed properly in the same way by the majority of the people surrounding you is more likely ‘wish’ considering the condition of the present time.

Also, one that is probably the most heartbreaking to teachers is on how they are exposed to a very fragile sense of vulnerability in terms of showing to the world even the slightest of “mistake” that they might have committed. One-sided stories can easily be captured and a teacher can experience the worst of ridicule just by doing something that might have been an indeed justifiable reason to be backed up with at the first place.

At the end we can say that teachers by default are already having a hard time; therefore, let us please avoid committing things which could probably just make it worse. 


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