Top 8 Destinations for Overseas Filipino Workers

Living in third world country is surely a struggle, especially for those who do not have stable jobs. In some case, we have fellow Filipinos who have stable job but want to experience the job outside the country. If you are considering on leaving the country to work abroad, there are lots of thins you need to consider. You have to think about the requirements needed before you go. It is to ensure that all the files needed would be granted, and your job abroad is legal. In this time, there are lots of scams and fake agencies trying to lure Filipino and end up on getting their money. You must be wary enough and you need to ask first your trusted friends if you are going to the legit agency. It will save your time and money. One of the things you need to consider is the place where you are going to work.

Today, in some countries, they are looking for Filipino engineers, IT, accountant, caregivers, nurses, and many other more. There are lots of job opportunities outside the country that gives decent amount of wage.

The major countries where Filipino works are Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Japan, Kuwait, United Kingdom, and Canada. According to statistics there are 3.4 million Filipinos in United States, 1.5 million OFWs, 842, 651 Filipinos in Canada, and 679, 819 Filipinos in UAE. We can see the large number of Filipinos abroad.

If you are really serious about working abroad, here are the lists of countries where you can try to apply a job:

1. Taiwan

Taiwan is just near in the Philippines. There is a good review from the expats who live in Taiwan. According to them, in this country, you can see the greatness of their culture and lifestyle. The locals are truly friendly. They are also disciplined. 55 percent of the expats there has good experience with their job and even with the Taiwanese locals. the 67 percent of expats says that they feel safe living in this country. If you are thinking on working as caregiver and domestic helper, they have large vacancies of this kind of job.

2. Singapore

This is also one of the most favorable places for those who are thinking to work overseas. Because of the stable economy of Singapore, they are offering good opportunities and career to those who are aspiring Filipinos. They are mainly looking for accountants, nurses, caregivers, office workers, bank staffs, IT, and software engineers.

3. Australia

In this place, you can feel the great ambiance and the relaxing scenery of the country. More than that, there are great opportunities for those who are looking for job with decent income. According to most expats, they find it easy to adjust with the relaxing culture of the country.

4. United Arab Emirates

This is one of the top destinations of the Overseas Filipino Workers. According to the expats and overseas workers, they earn as much as $124,000 per annum, but the cost of living is relatively high. UAE provides lots of job opportunities, that is why this is one of the top choices of the Filipinos. Even though there are high cost of living, they still choose to live here to give good amount of money for their families.  

5. Saudi Arabia

You can also find thousands of Filipinos here in this country. The expats love the employment package they give. This is great place to live because they have low cost of living. Beside from that their economy is good and you can give good amount of support to your family to your hometown. Saudi Arabia mainly look for Filipino workers.

6. Canada

According to the expats who live in Singapore, the locals are friendly, and you will always feel welcome in their country. The great thing about this place is they allow permanent residency to Filipinos where they could petition their families to live with them after one-year experience of their job.

7. New Zealand

According to HSBC Explorer report’s Experience League table, New Zealand is the best destination for expats. Expats said that they have excellent experiences starting from their cozy accommodation and great lifestyles. 77 percent of the expats stated that their life became better when they transferred in New Zealand.

8. United States

United States is where the largest OFWs work. There are 3.4 million residents in the country. Although there is high cost of living, the exchange from US dollars to Filipino peso became bigger. They also have lots of good opportunity for those who are looking for decent jobs.

Working abroad is a great new experience. You need to think about the pros and cons of working and living abroad. What do you think about these places? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

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