The Story Behind Ernest Cu’s Success

Anyone can make and or start a change with any intensity; this is what Ernest Cu is very popular about. He is among the many businessmen who have capitalized on groundbreaking innovations. His story is one that began with a dream to provide services to multiple clients simultaneously. He transformed a simple data entry service company into becoming one of the country’s largest outsourcing service providers. His company’s core business sources are mostly contracts for generating projects, which involve customer service relationships and IT services. These customer services and IT services are being offered to multiple clients by the same people in his company. Does this scheme sounds familiar? Yes! This is a hundred percent Business Processing Output design. This unique CRM or Customer Relationship Management has grew, and asserted the need for BPO industries, and telemarketing services.

Companies who have heard of the scheme started availing his services. The demand led to the establishment of the first call center in the Philippines in 1999, which was initially called as “eTelecare International”. The center is largely focused on providing U.S.companies’ outsourcing needs. It was mainly international companies because during those times, the cost of availing such was very high so only those companies can afford. The call center company later changed its name to eTelecare Global Solutions in 2004.

It has been a breakthrough for Cu; making a name in both the global and local businessworld. His attention to providing customer services to his client’s services has boomed and has set him to be financially superior. Today, Cu has expanded his business horizon, by excelling not only in the BPO industry, but by also venturing into telecom industry. But first, he became a Managing Partner at the Aligned Capital, before he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer at Globe.

Being a self-made man and a very innovative one, Cu has made quite a lot of positive impressions. He has been known as a very passionate man, a hard working one, the “fast and furious” Globe CEO who is always ready to conquer everything. But aside from that, he is known for being a very responsible boss to his employees. Cu’s companies greatly values the services of the human resources behind his company; hence he acknowledges that his most immediate social responsibility is to provide a lucrative source of livelihood to its more than 6,000 employees and their respective families.

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