The Rags-to-Riches Story of Antonietta Magallanes

With right amount of determination and proper motivation, people can really reach greater heights in life. One example of a person who went past her limits to achieve her life desires is Antonietta Magalles.

Antonietta Magallanes is raised in the simple locality of Malita in Davao del Sur. As a kid, she always have that odd feeling that something is different with her and her relatives. Although she was not treated badly or unfairly, she had that natural instinct that she is different from the family she grew up. So when her 18th birthday came, it was only then that her parents confirmed that she is only an adopted child. It got the young Antonietta heartbroken and asking, who are her real parents. But her foster parents also do not know who her real parents are.

With the desire to find her biological parents, she left Malita and went to Manila. Even if she did not know where to start, she tirelessly looked for her parents. After three months of guessing, searching and tracing possible links and connections, Antonietta gave up. It was a pointless search. Driven by sadness and emptiness, she went home to Malita and continue to live with his foster family who welcomed her back.

After that incident, she became even more dedicated in her studies and in pursuing her life goals. With that burning desire to get better, she seriously took her college education and graduated with a degree in Tourism. But it’s not the end of her reaching for higher heights. Having a natural and captivating beauty, she joined Miss Philippines  in 2003. She graced the stage with her flawless beauty inside and out. Although she did not won in the competition, it made her realize what she wanted to become in life.

After the pageant, she decided to became a Flight Attendant. Because she has the qualities of an FA, she was immediately hired as a regular FA of a popular airline in the Middle East. She has reached her financial goals, and the only thing that she was lacking then was a partner whom she can spend her life with. But because of her beauty, it was not hard for her to get the boys’ attention. She was actually courted by the brother of the KIng of Dubai, a true royalty, whom she politely turned down. She ended up marrying a simple Chinese man for Singapore, Alex  Fu. Today, Antonietta and family lives in Sydney, Australia. Aside from being a hands-on mother, she also takes care of her business.

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