We are all aware of the fact that more than the material things that we possess, ourselves together with our loved ones are the best assets that we own- and that we will ever have even considering the whole course of our lifetime. This goes as utmost important when it comes to the cases of our Overseas Filipino Workers, especially because these people, with the fact that they are distant from their family in order to make a living, still have two main priorities at hand. Which then are, first, taking care of their health and second, making sure that the people that are most important to them are assured to be doing so, too- no matter what unprecedented events might possibly occur.

That is exactly where the necessity for a health care insurance program comes in. And that’s because an insurance program is made towards the goal of providing you a safety net against life’s unexpected health-related turns and from financial devastation those turns might correspond with.

The good thing is, affixed with being an OFW is being encouraged to be a member of PhilHealth: One of the best insurance company in the country which covers up to 4,600 medical cases. To have a further knowledge about the details on what are these specific benefits that you and your dependents can attain through this program, here is a comprehensive list for you:


For you to easily have a grasp on all the benefits covered by PhilHealth, herein they are categorized into three: (1) inpatient, (2) outpatient, and (3) Z and SDG related benefits together.

1. The Inpatient Benefits:

  • A specific amount on your bill for confinements of medical cases that are under the selected medical conditions recognized by the PhilHealth is subjected to be shouldered by the said through the All Case Rate payment scheme.

This means that if you, an OFW or your dependents had been hospitalized, you can lean on PhilHealth when it comes to decreasing the financial worries through helping you pay your bills based on the All Case Rate payment scheme. This payment scheme will serve as a deduction from your total bill which is inclusive of professional fees and all the other hospital charges, prior to discharge. Again, a reminder, those financial backing up only goes valid if you are confined under the qualified cases or had been accredited in a healthcare institution in the Philippines (in case of your dependents).

In addition to that, in the case of OFWs, payment shall be given through reimbursement processes. Within 180 days upon discharge, the members are expected to submit the claim documents required for the corresponding amount of reimbursement to any preferred branch of PhilHealth offices in the Philippines. 

2. The Outpatient Benefits:

  • All recognized medical cases that happened with no hospital admission is also shouldered through All Case Rate payment scheme. Outpatient cases include (1) ambulatory or outpatient surgeries, (2) radiotherapy, (3) hemodialysis, (4) outpatient blood transfusion, and (5) primary cases such as preventive and diagnostic cases, even the use of different drugs and medicine in the process.

This simply means that if an OFW or the dependents had experienced medical cases under the five conditions listed above, PhilHealth will shoulder the fee through the All Case Rate payment scheme, yes, with the same technicality for those OFWs and dependents under the inpatient program.

In another word, PhilHealth is not only there to back you up through the toughest moments, but utmost important, on those small and most unexpected attacks of the uncertainty of one’s health. Although getting sick is something we never would wish to occur, we all would agree with the fact that having this kind of insurance by your side is indeed a great source of relief.

3. The Z and SDG Related Benefits

  • The medical cases under this classification of benefits come with a specific amount based on the degree and the specificity of the condition that the beneficiary is struggling with. These benefits range from leukemia, cancers, pre-term delivery, different conditions regarding the newborn, different kinds of impairment for children (mobility, visual, and hearing), also, it includes treatment packages for HIV-Aids, Anti-Tuberculosis, and for animal bites.

An Extra Benefit for you!

Besides from being able to acquire all the benefits discussed above, you are also entitled to the Lifetime membership of PhilHealth as long as you have reached the retirement age of 60 and was able to pay the policy premium for 120 months, minimum.

At the end of it all, we can say that PhilHealth is a life-saver! Not only of life itself but the value of life it reserves by serving as our health-related concerns financial superhero! Thus, all its members, especially the OFWs are very much encouraged to actively play the part of being a PhilHealth member I order to savor the best out of it!


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