Safety First: 13 Things Not to Share or Post on Facebook

As we all know, Facebook is everybody’s favorite that everyone is turning to it to find out more about everything. Starting  from current events to plainly entertainment, lots of people tend to choose Facebook over everything else.

Also, people update their statuses and frequently upload photos. This could lead to crime as the criminals can get personal information about you.

This is the reason why we should be careful on the information that we share on Facebook. There are some details about our daily lives that we should not post because we don’t know who’s looking in out profile. Keep in mind that they may be there to steal some information for their own good. Even though Facebook has privacy settings, it still isn’t enough to rely on.

The following are the things we should never share or post in Faacebook and other social media sites for safety purposes:

  1. Complete Home and Work Address

Putting your exact home and work address on your profile is like feeding everyone your personal information that you should not put on social media to avoid being robbed. This is one of the reason why criminals are finding easy targets on social media.

  1. You and Your Family’s Full Date of Birth

Many people are used to posting photos of family members’ birthdays on Facebook. But putting your date of birth or complete birthdate may put your personal and financial security at risk. Your birthday can provide enough information of yourself for identity theft. In addition, your birth date can be your password or PIN which criminals can use for them to try on your personal accounts just like your telephone number or mobile number.

  1. Your relationship status

Whether you are “in a relationship” or not, it may be best not to make it a public knowledge. Stalkers are all around and would love to know “that you just became single.” It gives them the big opportunity. It also lets them know that you might be home alone. Your best bet is to just leave this blank on your profile.

  1. Your Mother’s maiden name

This information is personal and a bit special since it is often the answer to security questions on many sites.  Also, this is a question asked by credit card companies, your wireless service provider, and several other firms.

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