Proven Ways to Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You

Can’t find the words to tell her or him you like her or him? — well… we’ve all been there, I guess
(unless you are a Hokage). Having a huge crush on somebody is both a wonderful and
challenging feeling. It’s magical that whenever you see your crush, you feel electrified or elated,
but at the same time anxious and awkward that when your crush glimpse at you, or talk to you,
you sweat like hell.

It’s tempting to just bury the feelings down, if you are too afraid to step up and express how you
feel. It’s tempting to just wait for the person you like to say or at least hint he or she likes you,
too. That’s convenient. But, most likely, that’ll never gonna happen.

So, go out of your way. Make the first move.

Ignore Them

It’s scientifically proven that the more a person thinks about something, the stronger the
synapses in their brains are, resulting in a deep attachment.

A common mistake when flirting with someone is to go straight to them and try to get them on
your side. This won’t work. Make sure to be the ‘mysterious’ type. Present yourself in the
spotlight, make sure your crush notices you, but ignore them at all cost. Slowly, but surely, their
interest will grow and ultimately lead to your dreams becoming a reality.

A word of caution though: If you are not that noticeable at all, well, this might not even work at
all. Sorry. #Bitch

Smell Great

If you want your crush to quickly fall in love with you, make sure to wear the right aroma. Even
though the topic of pheromones and perfumes is quite controversial in a sense, make sure to do
a bit of research on what types of aromas they like and wear them, enough so you get their
attention, but not too much so you can drive them away.

Also, our olfactory memory (we retain memories through our sense of smell) is a powerful thing.
You can stand out just by the way you smell (I mean, good smell).

Stalk like a pro.

The NSA got in trouble for spying too much, but the truth is most people share their private
information voluntarily through social media.

Make sure to check all of your crushes’ social network accounts, if you haven’t already done so
and look for the small things – who does she follow, what does she like, who is their celebrity
crush? They say stalking is bad and creepy, but don’t think about this as stalking. Think about
this as an ‘objective and comprehensive research on a human subject’.

Why is this important? Well, if you know something about the person that interest you, and you
suddenly bump into each other over coffee in a cafe nearby, it’ll be easier to start a conversation
or make a connection if you at least know something he or she loves.

Have the 36 questions ready.

According to a recent scientific study, people fall in love with each other when they slowly but
surely share their emotional selves. Based on this theory, there are 36 specific questions which
are designed to make a person slowly open up their soul, resulting in a love attachment, which
may help you out in winning over your crush.

Mind your hygiene.

While we are on the topic of aromas, we should also mention that you must shower regularly.
Even if you don’t do it often, make sure to be clean and well groomed for your crush. Whether a
boy or a girl, no one likes a unhygienic mess. Buy all the hygiene products you can, and start

Think logically and strategically.

Hollywood movies and most dating gurus always mention that you should be yourself, if you
want to attract your crush, right? Well, we are going to be honest with you – you are weird, and
even though it’s okay being weird, if you want to attract your crush, you should start thinking
strategically. Plan your actions in advance and always act with confidence – you won’t make
your crush fall in love with you just by standing there and looking at them.

Be religious if you are.

Belief is the strongest drive in a person. Whether you believe in the law of attraction, god or
some other being, make sure to do what your religion requires, in order to receive the love of
your crush as a reward. By doing so, you will start acting subconsciously in a positive way
around your crush, which will help you win them over.


On the topic of belief and religion, we should also mention that you should meditate. Most
people believe that by being your perfect self, you will attract your crush. However, going to
fitness and exercising every day won’t help you with what you are as a person. The confidence
of one is not shown by what they look like, but what they are inside. If you are at peace with
yourself, you will radiate confidence, and you will be noticeably more beautiful/handsome in the
eyes of others — this will surely attract your crush.

Make them think of you.

Similar to the ‘Ignore them’ tip, this one focuses on the way our brain works. The more you
encourage someone to think of you, the higher the chance of them falling in love with you. That
being said, whether through a game, or puzzle you present them every day, or just by saying ‘hi’
every now and them, by making your crush think of you, you’ll have better chances at winning
them over.

Date their best friend and be the best boy/girlfriend to them.

Does your crush have a best friend? Would it be easier for you to win them over? Do so! And
make sure to be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend for a couple of months. Best friends share
everything, plus your crush will start to get jealous enough, for you to become ‘the one’ in their

Word of caution: You might end up falling for your crush’s best friend after finding out your
crush isn’t as great as you thought he/she is, and realised ‘damn the best friend is way better’.
And, that’s not a bad thing.

Another word of caution: This.. this is totally cruel. It’s bad using a person as a means to an
end, but this usually works, so it’s up to you how you settle that ethical-moral dilemma.

Or simply forget about them.

If you’ve tried a lot of things and nothing seems to work out –forget about your crush. Chances are, you’ll be happier with someone else. And who’s to say that once you find your way and love in life, your crush won’t come crawling back to you, realizing the mistake they’ve made.

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