Parenting Tip: How Can I Be A Good Parent While Working Abroad?

Being a parent working abroad is the greatest challenge because you need to leave everything behind especially your children. You might have doubted whether to stay in your country or not. In the Philippines, there are large numbers of poverty. We cannot blame the parents who leave their home behind to work abroad when it is their only way to earn enough money to support their family. Are you one of those parents who works abroad to support the needs of their family?

Sometimes, there are parents who are blessed to bring their family later on after working abroad. That is a great way to be together as a family. Though, not everyone has that kind of opportunity. Do not lose hope. Even you cannot bring your whole family to where you are working now, there are still ways on how to become closer and be great guardian for them.

If you are a parent, and you are thinking how to support your family and be a parent who guides the maturity of your children, this article will give your best tips on how to be a good parent even when you are away.

1. Communication before you leave your home.

Before going abroad, your children need to understand why you need to leave. Even your child is still young, they need your explanation. It is true that they could not fully understand yet the complete reason why you need to leave, but as they grow up, they will surely understand the reason behind it.  

What do you need to tell your children before you leave? Tell them that you work abroad for their future. You can inform them about the goals you want to achieve together with your family. Ask them about their worries and fears when you leave home and go abroad. Some youths need guidance especially when they are in schools. There are times that they get bullied and they are afraid that there are no one to rescue them. That is why it is essential to ask your relative or your spouse to take care of them properly. Tell them that being updated of what they do during the day is important.

Children are fragile. That is the time they need guidance and attention especially from their parents. Understand them if they feel little complaint about you. If they feel bad about you, always tell how much you love them. They must be assured that even you are going to leave, your love would stay, and you will show it even when you are away.

2. Ask trusted relative or your relative to watch over your children.

If you are a single parent, choosing a relative that will serve as a guardian to your children is important. Not everyone in your household or inside your bloodline is trusted. Leave them to your relative who has a good influence on your children. Make sure that they will really take good care of them and he is a trusted one. The guardian will be the one to look after your kids, so you must give weekly or monthly budget for their basic needs.

If you have spouse, then, leaving your children with him/her would never be a problem. Ask him/her to show your picture to your children to let them remind about you.

3. Have a quality time before you leave.

Leaving good memories to your child before you leave them would probably help them to remind about you and your good times with you. They will certainly wait for your next visit. Do not forget to capture your memories. Print the pictures, give one to your children and keep one to yourself. It will also serve as your inspiration when you feel homesick when you are working abroad.

4. Constantly talk to your family.

Communication is the key for a happy family. Even when you are away, you can still constantly communicate with them. Nowadays, where we are living with modern technology, it is not that hard to keep in touch. There are social networking sites, internet, cellphone. And other technologies to help you keep in touch with your family. You can make a schedule together with your family to have video call.

5. Know the status of your children.

You need to learn about the activities of your children, especially inside the school. Talk with your children about their friends. If your child is already teenager, ask them if they are thinking about romantic relationships. You can give advices to them to help them make decisions.

Even though you are working abroad, your responsibility as their guardian is always there. Your love for them will surely never fade. Being always there for them even when you are away will help them to become mature citizens.

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