LTO Driver’s License Exam Reviewer with Answers for Free

LTO or the Land Transportation Office is among the agencies in the Philippines that is under the Department of Transportation. The office is responsible for all land transportation issues that includes executing transportation laws, rules as well as regulations.

Part of it is the processing of driver’s license that also includes taking and passing the examination at a designated LTO office in your location. The exam is divided in 2 parts, the written and practical test. It may be challenging to some because it is not human nature to know the signs and rules of the road but there are those who knows the ins and outs of driving and the car itself and manage to take the exam effortlessly.

Fortunately, in this article we are going to share you the answers to the reviewer so you will not be having hard time in answering the written test.

Question: Before changing lanes on a highway, you must give a signal for:

Answer: B –  10 seconds before doing it.

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (Picture is an arrow pointing upwards with a no entry sign). No Entry

Answer: C – All vehicles no entry.

Question: What is a maximum speed of a vehicle entering a school zone?

Answer: C – 20 kph

Question: What are the white lines on the road for?

Answer: C – Separates traffic going in one direction

Question: Those with a license can drive:

Answer: C – Vehicles according to license type

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (A triangle image with a red lining with 20% on top of a slope inside it) Steep uphill gradient sign

Answer: B – Steep uphill gradient

Question: What is the meaning of a traffic sign that has square or rectangle with blue and white color?Information traffic Sign

Answer: B – Information sign

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