Due to the sky-high college matriculation fees usually encountered by all college students, including the OFW dependents, a scholarship that could serve as an aid for these fees is something a must-try to avail! The good news is that there is a scholarship designed by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration especially for our OFW and their dependents.

OWWA along with its primary goal of protecting and uplifting the welfare and well-being of our overseas workers, offers scholarships, insurance and educational program for the said beneficiaries.



Generally, OWWA itself offers educational and training programs that are distinctly based on the field on wants to pursue. These 5 programs are named, Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program (SESP), DOLE-OWWA-Tulay Microsoft Project, Seafarers’ Upgrading Program (SUP), Tuloy-Aral Project, and the one which suits the most with your tertiary undertaking- the Education for Development Scholarship Program (EDSP).

Basically, EDSP offers a scholarship to qualified beneficiaries/dependents of OWWA member-OFWs. The OWWA gives P30,000 per semester and pays the tuition fee directly to the school grants given that the dependent is studying on a 4 to 5 year baccalaureate course within a CHED-accredited college or university. In addition to that, the release of the remaining amount is given only after the scholar submits the grades for the semester.

With those stated, we can also say that OWWA offers scholarships reaching up to P60,000 of cost per school year to Overseas Filipino Workers’ dependents.


OFWDSP or OFW Dependent Scholarship Program is granted to qualified students who are planning to study or are already enrolled in a state college or university. Eligibility for this includes the condition that a family member does not receive a salary higher than P30,478.

This scholarship program offers P10,000 grant for school and all academic-related expenses which sums up for P20,000 per school year. This grant can be used directly for expenses other than tuition fees for we all know that education in state colleges are now tuition free. The remaining money can also be used by the personal needs of the student given that it is for academic-related stuff. Upon approval, this will take effect on the succeeding school year prior to application period.


For the application of OWWA scholarship, please bring the requirements stated below at any nearest OWWA office. 

Documents needed:

  1. Accomplished application forms (2 sets)
  2. 1″x 1″ ID pictures (2 copies)
  3. Proof of relationship to Member (copy of Birth Certificate of applicant and of the Member if related as brother or sister duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar or NSO)
  4. Form 137 or Transcript of Records with Principal’s Certification on Scholastic Standing
  5. Proof of OWWA membership (i.e. Official Receipt of OWWA Contribution/Certification from OWWA Membership Processing Center)
  6. Health Certificate attesting to physical fitness of applicant (Form B)
  7. Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by the School Principal/Guidance Counselor (Form C)
  8. Certification that applicant belongs to upper 20% of graduating class issued by school principal (2 sets)
  9. Statement of applicant that he/she has not earned units in any post-secondary/undergraduate course (Form E)
  10. Sworn Statement that he/she has no pending application for resident immigrant status in any country and does not have dual citizenship signed by parent or legal guardians (Form F)


To be fully assured that you are indeed considered to avail these scholarship programs, here are some qualifications you must be a dependent of a marries OWWA member or is a sibling of an unmarried OWWA member. Also, you must be 21 years old or younger, a bona fide Filipino citizen, is in good health and moral character, and utmost important, your average must be at least 80% and must be belonging to the upper fifth percentile (20%) of the graduating class.

Education is the best investment that you can give not only to your present self but as well as and most importantly, for your future. Make the most out of it and seize all that is within your reach- this is the best path towards all of your dreams, nonetheless.



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