Healthy, Organic and Green: Living Life to the fullest!

We live in a world where sickness and viruses are emerging everyday. News about pandemics and epidemics are viral. Synthetic drugs and inorganic treatments were usually the ‘way to go’. But have you ever asked yourself about the possibility of doing things the natural way? Have you ever wonder about the benefits one can get from eating healthy and organic food? Usually, there are lots of misconceptions about going organic and we are to give you some in the latter part of this article. Alongside debunking these misconceptions, we also wanna give you tips on how to start going green.


Misconceptions about Organic Living


  1. Organic is expensive. Yes, one can say that, but it is not really that expensive. It is a bit pricey than the mainstream group of foods but it is a lot cheaper than it was before.
  2. Organic is hard to find. Really? No! Organic produces are easier to find nowadays that healthy living has been becoming more popular. There are three common places where one can find organic produce. You can look at the organic section of supermarkets. They are a bit pricey there, but they surely are organic. You can also look at Sunday Tiangge Markets. These are booths which open during Sundays for shoppers of organic materials. Lastly, one can also look nearby small churches. This small time vendors sell really organic produce. But, if you are really not convinced, just plant organic so you can be assured.
  3. Organic living means being vegetarian. This is probably the most absurd misconception. Going organic doesn’t mean being vegetarian, because there are also organic types of meat like free-range chicken and natural pig. Being organic just means that you choose food which are pesticide-free, fertilizer-free and chemical-free.


Start healthy living!


A change in lifestyle is indeed hard at first, but it just takes a lot of determination and courage to be the person you want to be. Going green is not just about a change in food preference, but is actually a change in mindset.


  1. Think about the benefits of what going green can do for the environment!


Because of choosing green, users of chemicals will be lessened. Do you know that these pesticides and fertilizers are all synthetic and harms the environment to a large extent? Yes, they do! So when you go green, you are preventing the wider use of these harmful chemicals.  All those garbages will also be lessened because of your lessened use of synthetic products. Save mother earth now, go green!


  1. When looking for organic produce, look for imperfections!

According to an organic produce expert, when looking for organic products, one should specifically find imperfections on the product’s skin. These little insect bites are signs that no fertilizers and pesticides have been sprayed unto the product. Aside from imperfections, also look for smaller versions of the products. Why? Because they have not been fertilized to be synthetically large in size. Also, as natural products do, organic do not grow in size because they solely depend on soil for nutrients.


  1. Eat local and eat natural!

If you are having doubts on whether you bought the organic ones, ask the vendor where do they get the produces. It is found out that if the garden is near the selling place, it is more likely to be organic. Small time vendors usually sell organic ones because they cannot afford the pricey chemicals.


  1. Think beyond upfront costs, and imagine the future and long term benefits!

As one misconception, organic living is really expensive. It is not ‘really’ but it’s ‘kind of’. Well, organic produce may be a little bit pricey because they don’t produce massly, and they are rare. But think beyond that! You may be spending a lit bit higher now, but think about your future savings. Savings that you will be getting from your ‘inevitable hospitalization’ in the future because of your unhealthy living now.  Aside from monetary benefits, you also will be getting stress-free emotional and spiritual state. Having to live with natural food will relieve you of those stress-releasing toxins found in today’s unhealthy food.


Living life to the fullest!

Living life to the fullest is not about getting into different places and earning six digits in a moth. But rather, it is about enjoying every moment peacefully and hassle-free. It is about being able to embrace tomorrow with a healthy body and sound mind.

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