5 Reasons Why Cellphone Loading Business is a Great Idea

As a fulltime-mom or an average citizen, we need to earn extra income to pay for our monthly expenses. If you have full-time job, having income outside your salary would be a great idea. Have you tried the Cellphone Loading Business? In the Philippines, people have been trying this business for over many years. Why is it lots of Filipino people are doing this business? There are few reasons why they love to establish this business in their homes or sari-sari stores.

1. It is a low-budget business.

Most of the time, when you start a business, you have to start with a large profit of money. In contrast, in cellphone loading business, you only need 300-1000 pesos to start the business and you can now start loading. If you have extra money, why don’t you use it for business to make it grow than to spend it right away?

2. Everyone has a cellphone.

We all know that almost everyone has a cellphone. Load is a necessity for your everyday lives, especially if you need to communicate to your family and friends. When someone needs to communicate for emergency purposes, cellphone load is necessary. If everyone in your neighbor knows that you have loading business, they will certainly go to you. Even a child has a cellphone. Everyone is your target people for your loading business.

3. You can bring your business everywhere.

Some businesses need right location to sell their business. If you have wrong location, your business might get bankrupt easily. If you have cellphone loading business, you can bring it everywhere. Why is it so? Just like what we have talked about already, everyone has a cellphone. When you bring it on your office, your officemates would be your next sales target. That is why it would be a great idea for you. Even if you are a student, you can start with this kind of business.

4. Almost all of devices need load.

Did you notice that almost every device has a sim? May it be a cellphone, tablet, pocket wi-fi, and other more. What would stop you to this kind of business if it is very accessible?

5. You will surely get a profit from it.

Some do not like the idea of cellphone load business because they think that is just waste of time and the profit is very small. But that is not true, because if you are persistent and patient enough, you can multiply your income over time. Another thing, this kind of business is not exhausting. All you have to do is wait and load. You may start saving once you start the business.

Here are the two types of cellphone load business:

  • Load All Telecom Method

Some better preferred this kind of method because there are widely range of customers. Some company are also activating sims for loading of all networks. Just a single activation is needed to start this kind of business. You may also choose two sim retailer loads for Globe and Smart.

  • The Individual Telecom Loader

It is obvious with the name. This means that your sims will be activated with single sim loader only. You may choose between Globe or Smart. Some telecom companies are more active in some places. You need to think about which is more active between the telecom companies for you to choose which will you get for retailer sim. For each load, you can get a specific profit. 

To start the business, you only need . . .

1. Cellphone

Of course, you cannot start your business without a cellphone. It is much better if you have a separate cellphone for your cellphone business. You may also leave it on your store and ask your relative to load for you if you are not at home and don’t need the most updated phone to start this business. You just need a basic mobile phone.

2. Loader Sim; and/or

Sometimes, the company for retailer sim is offering new sim for loader. That means that your sim for communication and sim for load retailing is separated.

3. Internet

This would be optional. It is up to you if you want to connect an internet for faster transaction or not. You can also use the social media to promote that you are now having a retailer load. Let your friends know about it. Sometimes, load retailer companies have their own website.

The truth is, doing this kind of business has little profit than other business. Though, if you learned about the right way on how to do this business, you can earn more profit than you ever expected. You may ask your friends or relatives on how to do this business in a right way, and you will find it surely rewarding!

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