Working abroad may be the most financially-fulfilling option for many OFWs, though there are a lot of challenges. Mostly of the struggles are being away from loved ones for extended time periods, harsh working conditions, and adapting to their host country’s unique culture that OFWs have to deal with each day.

Sadly, there are some OFW families that are not giving importance to the sacrifices of those we called “modern day heroes”. There are families that can be downright demanding, insensitive, and unappreciative to their OFWs and this is really a tragic reality.

The Pinoy-OFW website shared with us an article that specifically tackles about this. Entitled “4 Bad Habits of OFW Families,” the blog informs us about 4 important things that OFW families should never do, namely the following:

  1. Only talk about money on the phone.

    Sure, money will always be a topic since the main reason for an OFW to work abroad is to be a better provider for his or her loved ones. However, it is highly rude if families only talk about money all the time. Ask your OFW how he or she is doing. Ask about the person’s health or work. Express affection, appreciation, and concern. That’s the least you can do for all his or her sacrifices.

2. Accuse OFW relative when he or she fails to send money on time.
Take note that there are inevitable instances when a remittance may be delayed such as when there are unexpected bills or medical expenses that your OFW relative has to deal with. Sadly, some accuse them of spending the money on pleasure or, worse, being an unfaithful spouse or parent.

3. Bring along neighbors and 5th-degree relatives on a family vacation.

Of course, an OFW would want to spend as much time with everyone whenever he or she is in vacation but wait – try not to take “everyone” literally. Your OFW relative may have gone on a vacation using borrowed money and so going on an outing with many of your neighbors may not be the most ideal, especially if it’s supposed to be an intimate family gathering. Simply put, be considerate to your OFW relative’s pocket.

4. Do not attempt to look for jobs and rely only on monthly remittance.

Unfortunately, there are families that have become highly dependent on their OFW relative’s monthly remittance. This is, needless to say, a big mistake. Family members should work as well especially if they are capable. Part of the remittance should also be used in investment or business opportunities to grow it further and eventually be able to save more money in the process.

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