21 Signs You Have A Great Partner

It’s a cliche: We all want to be with our “the one”. In fact, most of us are, at some point in our
lives, too preoccupied about the question: Have I found the one? Or if you’re not yet asking that,
someday you will.

Your one true love will affect your life in more ways than just putting a smile on your face or
giving you butterflies. It pays to know if you’ve found the one. Here are the reasons why:

Note: I’m using the singular “they” in the paragraphs henceforth.

1. They’ll support you.

It’s the one thing we want most from any partner: support, unconditional support. The likes that
no matter how crazy your cravings are, or no matter how demanding your needs seem to be
(e.g. a homework, a fieldwork, a research paper, a midterm exam, or an exotic 2 a.m craving)
they’re around to cheer you up, or lend you a hand.

Also, when needed, they provide you shoulders to cry on, too.

2. They listen to you.

The ability to listen, and not just to hear, but to listen, is a vital trait to every successful partner,
study says. LIstening is highly related to ‘regard’: as you won’t listen to something that has no
regard to you, or someone you don’t give a damn.

Longitudinal studies have proven that those
partners who listen to their partners, no matter how simple the other is calling the other’s
attention over (e.g. a female wants to tell a male how lovely the bird she saw in the tree this
morning is), they tend to stay in love and in the relationship than those who nag their significant
other, or ignore their pleadings.

So, if your significant other listens to you, intently genuinely, you are lucky.

3. They build with you, not for you.

They’ll never say “you won’t have this if it weren’t for me” because they work with you, and not
for you. They build with you, and not for you. When times get rough, a partner that builds with
you, will never point fingers at you.

4. You trust them, and vice versa.

“Where there is no trust, there is no love” says Cupid. Well, that’s true. Without it, you should
not be with that person in the first place. People with trust issues, we often hear, must not enter
a relationship in the first place.
So, trust, is should not be missing.

5. You don’t always have to be doing something.

It’s exhausting to pursue somebody, or I mean, pursuing someone could be tiring as it seems
you should not run dry of ideas to entertain the apple of your eye. But not every day has to be
jam-packed with plans, you know. When you’re with your significant other, even the chill days
are magical.

Even in silence, you are contented with their presence. That’s a great thing. It means you two
are way past over that juvenile stage of a relationship. You simply enjoy and adore each other’s

6. They never put you down.

They will never make you feel ugly, down-spirited, or hopeless even when you are…. hopeless,
I mean.

Shout out to girls out there: I know there are times that you feel ugly, bloated, fat, or whatever
neganess. You’ll know you have a great guy, or girl for that matter, if they never make you feel
the way you feel. They’ll cheer you up, and give your confidence some extra boost.

7. They know how you take your coffee.

Coffee is the key to happiness. Whether it’s your coffee, your eggs or your alcohol, your person
knows just how to make it and how to make it right. If they don’t, well, umm… how could they?

8. No matter how long you go without seeing each other, things never change.

We get busy. We get buried beneath a lot of work stuff. And yes, even best friends drift apart
because of that. But that is not the case with you and your significant other. Instead, at times
like these – you know, busy days – you are each other’s strength and inspiration.

They understand the mood swings because you are exhausted from work, they understand the
missed movie dates because you have to go overtime at work, they understand. They simple
do. And that’s great for you.

9. But, you miss them immensely when they’re gone.

When you’re swamped with a lot of things to be done, your significant other will never make you
feel guilty about it. That’s a relief, isn’t it? But, you know you have a great partner, if you
immensely miss them when they’re not around. Yes, you won’t feel guilty, but you definitely will
miss them like crazy. That’s a good thing, too, but you know you have to make up for those
missed dates, eh?

10. Any news that happens — good or bad — you reach to call them first.

When you ace an exam, nail an interview, or bumped into an old friend, your significant other’s
the first person you reach to call. Why? Because you know they’ll listen to you, and that they
respond in a great way. Perhaps they give the best advice, or is really supportive of you.

11. You want to share everything you experience with them.

Achievements mean nothing without somebody to share it with, you know. When you try
something new, go somewhere fun, you’ll want your partner to be there with you.

12. Your happiness means their happiness.

One way to tell that you two are deeply in love with each other is that you feel what each other
feels. Say, if you are unhappy, they’re unhappy. If they’re unhappy, you are unhappy. You know

what I mean? You feel each other’s pains and happiness. And that’s a great thing; that’s a sign
that you are comfortable with each other, and that you know each other well, and most
importantly, care for each other.

13. You’re always honest with each other.

Superman once said, “Secrets ruin any relationship.” So, if your significant other is honest with
you, to the point when you can be really honest with them, too, that’s a great thing. You can
never ask for anything other than a partner who love you, and is honest with you.

14. There are no boundaries in your love.

If you can’t fart in front of them, he’s not your person. Period. That’s the end of it.

15. Your fights never last more than a few minutes.

When you fight, and then you try to turn your back on your partner, and then you look back and
then you see that puppy eyes, you cannot help but crack a smile because they just make you
happy no matter what. You may fight many times, but those fights won’t last long.

When my partner and I are about to get into an argument, I would tell her, “You know where this
is going. So, let’s just not talk to each other when we are mad. You know we’ll end up cuddling
in the end. So, let’s cuddle instead and skip the drama.” And, it works all the time!

16. No problem is too big for you to solve together.

Two heads are better than one, and when you and your person get together, there is nothing
you can’t do. Even if it means putting together an entire Ikea furniture set in one day (thanks
Mel), you know how to get the job done together.

17. The little things are what matter most to both of you.

You know it’s your person when he notices the little things others just don’t. He makes the most of every moment you spend together, he finds the sunshine in all of the storms, and he remembers all the small details along the way.

18. You weren’t looking for them; it just kind of happened.

When you go out looking for something, chances are it’ll never happen.
Your person just came to you, like you two were from the same star and were destined to find
each other. No matter how old you are, you’ll always find your person.

19. You don’t only think of them as your lover and your best friend.

When your significant other knows how to make you laugh, stop your tears, and ease a pain,
they’re more than your boyfriend or girlfriend, your partner is your full-time best friend.

20. All of your most cherished memories are with them.

When you look back into the past, tap your memories, and then most of them were made with
your partner, that’s what you called ‘the road to forever’.
And you probably have thousands of selfies together. Wait, those would be groupies. Or
whatever you call those things.

21. They lift you higher.

As we've said, a great partner is someone that build with you. A great partner, too, is someone
that build you. They’ll lift you higher by boosting your confidence, and teaching you some skills
or learning they’ve learned. They can be your best buddy, your best teacher, or simply a great

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