10 Tips for Safely Guidelines When Using LPG

Every year there are hundreds of fire incidents in the Philippines. It is also one of the crisis Filipino citizens experience. In January and February report, fire killed 32 people. There are 1758 fires in year 2018. Fire damaged a billion worth of property. One reason is lack of safety guidelines at home. That is why every Filipino should learn about the guidelines to avoid further fire incidents. You should also take note of these guidelines to ensure safety of your family and loved ones.

One thing you must be aware of is the usage of LPG. Before you buy LPG, you must know about the safety guidelines and how to avoid fire and explosion at your home. Originally, LPG is odorless, but the company must add odorant into it when it leaks. It serves as protection. Though, you can’t see when it has leakage. The reason why it is odorless and colorless is because of the mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons.

Here are the things you need to consider before and after you buy LPG:

1. Buy from trusted dealers.

As we all know that there are lots of appearing LPG dealers. Although they might look the same, there is a danger when you just buy anywhere. Instead of choosing cheap products, buy higher price of LPG to your trusted dealers. These trusted dealers are following guidelines and standards given by the Department of Energy or DOE.

2. Do not forget your receipt.

It is the cashier’s task to give you a receipt. If they don’t have any receipt, you should be wary of them. Receipt will serve as a guarantee that you are buying from authorized or trusted dealer of LPG. You will see that the tank or the receipt has the name of the company. It is better to buy surely than cheaply.

3. Inspect the cylinder.

Before you buy the product, make sure that it is defect free. Inspecting the cylinder whether it has damage or not will save you and your family’s lives. You must make sure that the cylinder and vessels are in the right position. See if there is a defect. See the bottom and every side of the LPG. To make sure that it has exact weight, you can weigh it down to the authorized dealer.

4. Always ask for assistance.

If you don’t know how to install LPG, you must not do it only by yourself. Always ask for assistance. You can call for assistance from your friend or relative or you can call a technician to help you with installing your LPG. Do not attempt to change the cylinder or remove the hose if you are not knowledgeable about it. The regulator should not be removed without knowing about it. If possible, you can always ask the technician of what you should do for the next time around the LPG should be installed.

5. Clean your gas stove regularly.

Do not put the LPG without cleaning the gas stove. Regularly clean the gas stove and make sure that the LPG does not have any leakage. If you also see that there are damages to your hose and regulator, you must change it. You should not use the LPG even with a single damage, because it might endanger your life.

6. Use soap solution to see if there is cylinder leakage.

If you see that there is a leakage, you must relax. Turn off all your appliances, especially the electrical because it can cause fire and explosion. Also turn off the regulator. To ensure ventilation, you must make sure to open the doors and windows. After doing these things, you must contact the LPG dealer about the LPG.

7. Always inspect about the cylinder.

Make sure that the LPG is in open cabinet. You must put in the same level of the stove of the gas. It will make sure that there is fine ventilation to avoid any leaks and explosions. The position should be also vertical. Avoid positioning it horizontally. The safety cap should be in the LPG before taking it home.

8. The cylinder should not be transferred manually to another LPG.

Transferring the LPG might cause it to leak. You should not also install it to places with too much heat.

9. Put gas detector near the LPG.

It will detect even the smallest leakage of the LPG. IT is essential especially if the odor is not strong enough for you to detect whether there is a leakage or none.

10. Put fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Fire extinguisher should be always at your home. Even though it is pricy, it will save as protection at your home. It will prevent the fire to get bigger.  

Following these guidelines save lives. You must make sure to apply it. You can put a list on your refrigerator to remind your about it. Keep safe everyone!

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