10 Tips and Facts in Saving Energy for Refrigerators – Electricity Saving Tips

4. Place your unit at least 4 inches away from the wall for the unit to be able to breathe and to avoid its motor to overwork. In addition, make sure that it is far from any source of heat such as the stove or oven.

5. Test the refrigerator seals by placing a piece of paper or a bill along the edge and close the fridge. Check if you can easily pull it out, repeat in several places. If the suction has become weak or the seal has been damaged, change or fix it.

6. Do not put hot or warm food inside the ref. Allow it to cool first before putting them inside the fridge.

7. When cooling frozen food, let it thaw inside the fridge and just remove it in the freezer. It helps the cooling instead of just putting it outside on the kitchen counter or using the microwave.

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