10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Teacher

Caution: This is not intended to be a source of affirmation for your affection if you are a student amused by the charms of your teacher; boundaries are boundaries, kid- save yourself.

Alright, on the more important point- this article is intended to open you up with- why, despite the obvious reasons of wit and charisma that a teacher is an ideal date for someone that is looking for the love of their life.

Although there are several factors that we may identify that may serve as a setback for some people in the view of dating someone who doesn’t earn as high as other professions yet are of considerably offering just the same hard work that teachers tend to outpour; together with the extreme amount of time that these noble individuals actually need to allot to their students- we all know that at the end, the favorable traits and what teachers could potentially offer to their soon-to-be romantic partners will always be capable of outweighing whatever’s on the ‘negative’ side. 

In order to have further clarification on what actually are the factors which contribute to a teacher’s ‘excellent’ marks on being anyone’s date, here is a list for you:


A relationship that’s made up of guessing here and then isn’t that much recommended if you wanted to have a healthy, stable, and strong relationship and even mental and emotional peace. That is why if you wanted someone who can just give you the right hints or even straight to the point answers without the need to stress you out nor reveal themselves too much, then you’ll surely be doing pretty well with a teacher.

Because a teacher knows the value of getting to the point together with the essence of clarity and brevity, then you’re sure to receive it as well.

Also, if there is something that you two don’t understand about each other, cheating isn’t likely an option that is because more than anything else, they would love to discuss and explain things that could possibly bother you or harm your potential relationship.

Other than that, you do not have to worry too much about the possibility of awkwardness, because hey! That’s a teacher that’s right in front of you. They’re pretty much an expert of practicing ice-breakers, remember?


With the everyday need to assure that not only academic and technical information must be filling their tanks up but also, wisdom in regard to dealing with all the challenges of everyday lives concerning not only their performance but utmost important, the condition of their students.

That is why, if you wanted someone who could share with you not only his or her knowledge of expertise but as well as the valuable life-lessons that’s applicable in many aspects of life, then dating a teacher should be your top-pick, then.


Just as how professional a teacher can deal with students’ academic issues that are emotional-based, so do can a teacher be capable of knowing what are the ways he or she can deal with you when your day has not been that well.

But in order to really have a fruitful relationship, this kind of understanding should, of course, be a give and receive one. A teacher has its limits but is all willing to expand it just to make way for acknowledging what you’re going through. Hence, maybe you should do your part, too.


Students are really good at getting involved in fights and unnecessary chaos and teachers are the ones that are expected to lead them in the resolving of it. Including what’s stated above together with all the other stressors that a teacher may face, all of these have absolutely been capable of molding the teacher in a critically thinking and analytical problem-solver.

Hence, he or she is less likely to bring problems in the relationship. Also, can help you deal with your own issues and the issues that the relationship could possibly have.


They say patience is a virtue- but this is definitely the kind of virtue that would take a lifetime lesson for some to actually obtain. That is why teachers with the patience that they have is definitely a very valuable and amazing existence.


Whatever struggle it is that the relationship is going through, a teacher knows the value of not making a learner feel like he or she is not capable enough of obtaining the knowledge in the way it should be understood- basically, if a teacher would be your partner, you would surely have nothing to worry about feeling like you’re anything “less”.


One of the most beautiful things you can expect from a teacher is that he or she would be more like a giver than a receiver. That is simply because in their profession they are nurtured to provide needs rather than be used to in accepting their demands.


Who would not want to be with someone who is sufficiently caring and empathetic when it comes to romantic relationships? There is no one.

Teachers are compassionate and they’re full of it- that’s it.


Whatever is the major of that teacher you’re setting your eyes on, it is of a large percentage that he or she is someone who has been capable of changing one’s life- and who won’t dare to love and be loved by someone’s hero?


What other profession could be as economic yet at the same time, decent and certainly not cheap like the teachers?

With just the proper amount of effort and creativity, you’ll surely be able to make ‘your teacher’ friendly without lashing too much out from your pocket.


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