10 Reasons to Choose PUP over all other Universities

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela
If you are looking for an efficient and effective option to get a college education, then your best choice is
the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). PUP is previously known for its radical students who
are strong believers of fighting for your rights. If you would go back in history and ask the alumni of the
school, they would tell you that being a student of PUP was more of a liability than an asset due to the
reputation of its students.

They would tell you that they only chose the school due to its affordable tuition fees. However, presently, PUP is slowly earning another reputation. It is now mentioned along with other premier and expensive schools. You know why? Well, let me give you 10 reasons to choose PUP over other Universities:

1. PUP is already considered as a top choice by most of the
employers in the Philippines.

Many students these days would attest that being a graduate of said school has helped them land a job
immediately after they graduated. One of the reasons they cite why most employers would hire a
PUPian over other universities is because the graduates of said school have good work ethics compared
to the graduates of other schools. These good work ethics are inculcated among them during their
college days not only by their professors but also by their peers and by the circumstances.

2. PUP education is affordable.

Have I mentioned before that it is affordable to study in PUP? Yes, it is! Some of the best courses offered
in PUP is still Php12.00 per unit. It is one of the cheapest schools in the Philippines. But you need not
worry that the quality of education is being compromised. So, let me ask you a question, why would you
bother paying thousands of pesos when you can get the same or better quality education at a lower

3. PUP is home to notable public figures and thought leaders.

PUP take pride on its successful alumni from the past and present and in various fields. So, if you need
proof that the school can really produce noteworthy graduates, just look into their website and you will
find names such as Francisco Dalupan, Sr., founder and first president of University of the East, Herminio
Dagohoy, Rector Magnificus of University of Santo Tomas, Mario Teodoro Failon Etong, Broadcast
Journalist, Public Servant, Radio Commentator for ABS-CBN, Benjamin R. Punongbayan, Certified Public
Accountant and the founder of Punongbayan & Araullo (P&A), Rustica C. Carpio, educator and respected
performing artist.

4. PUP is a diverse community. If you love diversity, this is the school for you.

PUP also boasts of its diverse community from the leftists to pacifists, the relatively rich to the poorest
of the poor, the radical thinker to the conservatives. You will meet all kinds of individual in the school
which can broaden your perspective in life and your understanding of other people. That is maybe why
PUPians are preferred by employers. PUPians can work better with other people.

5. PUP is a nationalist school.

There may be a diverse community in PUP but it is united by one ideology, nationalism. When you study
in PUP you are bombarded by principles leaning towards the betterment of the Filipino people. They
may express it in different ideas and concepts. Some would express their ideologies through activism.
So, one can’t help but be aware of the various issues concerning the country and be involved in
whatever way possible. In addition to low tuition fee and quality education, studying in PUP will teach
you to love your country.

6. PUPians know values beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Among the useful values that is inculcated in the hearts and minds of PUPians aside from nationalism,
which they can use in the real world, are humility, adaptability, and resourcefulness. In PUP, you do not
buy your education. You work for it.

7. PUP graduates are top performers in their respective fields.

I can’t emphasize enough that PUP has one of the lowest tuition fees. And since it is a state university, it
is only given enough budget by the government. Despite those obstacles, its students performs well at
school and eventually after they graduate.

The school has also received recognitions from various organizations. On October 2016, a group of PUP engineering students placed 2 nd during the 8th Industrial Design Seminar and Competition at Semarang, Indonesia. Sometime on November 2016, students from PUP were recognized among the Top 13 Most Outstanding delegates during the 41st YMCA National Congress of College Students at Baguio City.

8. PUP is a top-performing school on several professional fields.

It performs well on licensure exams. According to prcboard.com in the 2016 September results for the
elementary and secondary LET board exam, PUP placed 8 th and 9 th respectively, among the top
performing universities. Additionally, in the 2016 ME board exam, PUP ranked 5 th among the top
performing universities. On a more recent news, PUP surpassed the national passing rate during the
2016 Architecture Licensure Examination at 75 percent.

9. PUP has a good reputation.

It is included as one of the top performing schools by online surveys and reviews. PUP is voted in the top
three at thetoptens website as one of the best universities in the Philippines. At 4icu.org, PUP ranked
seventh of the most popular universities in the Philippines for the 1 st quarter of 2017.

10. PUP is a globally competitive university and can give you opportunities outside the country.

PUP, if you can believe it, do have international linkages which includes the Nanyang Polytechnic,
Singapore, Seoul’s Women University, Korea, Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher
Learning (ASAIHL), and Association of Universities in Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) to name a few. Having
international affiliation means the international community is aware of the potential of the school in
equipping its students with the right tools to be globally competitive.

Choose PUP so you can have affordable yet quality education.


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